Tailor-made film distribution at festivals

We look at your film up close

Stories are created to thrill, and festivals are increasingly one of the main exhibition windows for reaching audiences.

Distribution at festivals, which was previously an unknown task, is now more accessible through web pages, platforms, agencies … How to deal with such amount of information and choose the right path for each work?

At Distribution with Glasses we put on our glasses to look at your film up close, find the place where it can work and represent it and promote it at festivals.

And, above all, we guide and accompany you in the process, because your film (be it short, long, documentary, experimental, fiction, animation …) is the result of many previous efforts to which we want to add ours, always from the closeness.

We run away from the philosophy of huge catalogs in which titles are lost, the automatic work, the exorbitant numbers and the disconnection with directors and directors. We do not seek to be external agents to your creation, but part of the team of it.

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Some works

L@ cita (The D@te)2023actors and actressescomedyfictionLGBTloverelationshipsexshort filmtechnologywomanWoman director

L@ cita (The D@te)

What's dating like when you're famous? Is it a myth that famous people flirt more, or on the contrary fame is a repulsive for the game of love? Romantic comedy…
Better Days2021documentaryHuman rightsidentityJusticeLGBTmigrationpoliticsSpainSpainyouth

Better Days

Voices of LGBTIQ+ refugee people seeking asylum in Spain, unique stories portraying the different realities experienced by their protagonists in their countries of origin and in the country that currently…
Anónimos (Anonymous)2023dramafictionFilm CatalogFilm CatalogFilm Catalogmental healthshort filmshort filmSpainterrorthriller

Anónimos (Anonymous)

Have you ever played guessing games with other people's lives? It's fun. Look.

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Pedro Estepa MenéndezDirectorsDirectorsDirectors

Pedro Estepa Menéndez

Pedro Estepa Menéndez (Madrid, Spain, 1985). Filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. After getting a BA in Audio-visual Communication from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, and studying Comedy Scriptwriting at the…
Arvin Kananian

Arvin Kananian

Arvin Kananian (Stockholm, Sweden, 1988) grew up in Stockholm and in Yokohama (Japan). In his late teenage years he moved to the UK to study law, but instead found his…
Francesco Cocco

Francesco Cocco

Francesco Cocco (Nuoro, Italy, 1978) starts his film education at the Irish Film Academy in Dublin, then he attends the Metropolis c.e. Film School in Madrid. He writes, directs and…