Tailor-made film distribution at festivals

We look at your film up close

Stories are created to thrill, and festivals are increasingly one of the main exhibition windows for reaching audiences.

Distribution at festivals, which was previously an unknown task, is now more accessible through web pages, platforms, agencies … How to deal with such amount of information and choose the right path for each work?

At Distribution with Glasses we put on our glasses to look at your film up close, find the place where it can work and represent it and promote it at festivals.

And, above all, we guide and accompany you in the process, because your film (be it short, long, documentary, experimental, fiction, animation …) is the result of many previous efforts to which we want to add ours, always from the closeness.

We run away from the philosophy of huge catalogs in which titles are lost, the automatic work, the exorbitant numbers and the disconnection with directors and directors. We do not seek to be external agents to your creation, but part of the team of it.

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Some works

2020asianbiographychild'sdocumentarydramaenvironmentexperimentalfamilyHuman rightsidentityillnessMalaysiaScienceshort filmtravelvideoclipwoman

The Journey of Hope

The true story of Sapna, a 10-year-old girl living below the poverty line in North-West India who suffers from blood cancer. Each week she takes an 8 hour overnight train…
Tonser (Bulldozer)2022bullyingcoming-of-ageDenmarkdramafictionHuman rightsmental healthshort filmshort filmtechnologyteenthrilleryouth

Tonser (Bulldozer)

Three friends are hanging out at the marina with the adrenalin still rushing after they have stolen energy drinks from the supermarket.
Nanny2021fictionFilm CatalogFilm CatalogFilm CatalogScience fictionSpainterrorthriller


Lola has a last minute call to take care of Leo. The night is meant to be easy as the little one is sleeping upstairs and Lola is ready to…

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Sil van der WoerdDirectorsDirectorsDirectors

Sil van der Woerd

​Sil van der Woerd (Tiel, The Netherlands 05/30/1982). ​In his films, music videos and new media projects, he combines exotic locations, stunning cinematography and visual effects to tell heartfelt stories…

Paul Cheung

Paul Cheung (Woking, United Kingdom, 1982) is an award-winning director who has honed his craft through epic visuals and his ability to shape human emotion. He has a reputation for…
Rubén Seca

Rubén Seca

Rubén Seca (Bayreuth, Germany, 1991) studies the Diploma in Film Directing at the Escola de Cinema de Barcelona (ECIB). He has directed and written about fifteen short films, which have…